Graham Ching, EIT

BSc, Mechatronics Engineering

Work Experience

Baltimore Aircoil Company

Advanced Designer


Baltimore Aircoil Company


SEPT 2022 - DEC 2023

University of Prince Edward Island

Undergraduate Research Assistant

MAY 2021 - AUG 2021

Russell Ching Limited

CAD Designer

MAY 2020 - AUG 2020

University of Prince Edward Island

Teaching Assistant

SEPT 2019 - DEC 2019

Engineering Portfolio

PLC Projects

Created a PLC system to control a potato bag sewing machine, and designed my own PLC trainer.

Robotics Research

Implemented a wireless armband sensor and an autonomous obstacle avoidance system for controlling assistive mobile robots.

Wave Tank Project

Designed a system to tow model boats across a wave tank.

Potato Warehouse
Layout Project

Recreated a potato processing line
in CAD to lay out the equipment for a new building.

Wedge Cutter Project

Designed a potato cutter for creating spiral-shaped wedges.

Drone Robotics Club

Built, programmed, and tested a drone to deliver self-testing kits to remote areas during pandemics.

Mechatronics Project

Created an obstacle-avoiding
robot using DC motors, ultrasonic sensors, and an Arduino.

Weather Balloon

Built a weather balloon payload to take pictures and record weather data from 100,000 ft.

Professional Development

Engineer In Training

Published In:



  • Professor Don MacEwen FSDE Inspirational Award

  • Maritime Electric Engineering Scholarship

  • Easton Scholarship

  • Laurie A. Coles Engineering Scholarship

  • Ernest and Bernice Smith Award in Engineering

  • CSBE Undergraduate Design Project Award

  • Percy and Helen Murphy Memorial Scholarship

  • Highest Standing Engineering Student

  • Highest in 1st Year Science

  • Engineers PEI Scholarship for 1st Year Achievement

  • Academic Excellence Award

  • FSDE Practicality Award

  • Parks Canada Innovation Award

  • Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

PLC Projects

To gain a better understanding of PLC systems, I have designed a few PLC control cabinets in SolidWorks, as well as implemented a PLC system on a potato bag sewing machine. I've also created my own PLC trainer using switches, lights, and a Siemens LOGO PLC.

Control panel I designed in SolidWorks

PLC for controlling industrial sewing machine

Custom PLC trainer

Wiring diagram for industrial sewing machine PLC

Robotics Research

During the summer of 2021, I worked in the More-Than-One Robotics Laboratory at UPEI. My research used a wireless armband and a LIDAR sensor to give a robotic wheelchair a "shared autonomy framework". A human operator can operate the wheelchair using hand gestures and arm motions, and the system will automatically take over and avoid obstacles if necessary.During this project I explored areas of robotics such as ROS, gMapping, SLAM, navigation, and hardware design.I published and presented my research in the 2022 19th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots:

Armband Sensor
(BioX AAL-Band 2.0)

Electric wheelchair modified into mobile robot

Armband being used to control wheelchair

Autonomous safety system taking control to avoid obstacles while staying on human's intended path

Wave Tank Project

For my 3rd year Design Project, I helped convert UPEI's wave tank into a model boat towing tank. The towing tank can be used to test model boats at various speeds to determine which hull designs are most efficient. When the wave tank needs to be used for other projects, the entire track can be rotated out of the way.

Original Wave Tank

Collapsible Towing Track Design

Initial Towing Carriage Design

Final Carriage Design

Carriage Under Construction

Completed Carriage

Mounting bracket I designed, from CAD to fabrication

Circuit board I designed, to control the motor with an Arduino

Limit switches connected to the circuit to control the servo motor

Warehouse Layout Project

In 2020 I worked with Russell Ching Ltd to design a layout for their new potato packaging warehouse. Each machine in the existing warehouse was modelled in CAD and laid out on the floor plan of the new building. As a result, the new facility has an improved storage and retrieval system and a more efficient packaging line.

Potato Sorting and Washing Line

Packaging Line

Storage and Retrieval System

Overall Layout

Wedge Cutter Project

For my 2nd year Design Project, I worked with a client to create a spiral wedge cutter using 3D printed metal blades. It was designed to fit into pre-existing potato cutting machines, so the company can easily switch between producing straight-cut fries and spiral wedges. This project earned our team the CSBE Undergraduate Design Project Award.

Drone Robotics Club

In 2020, the UPEI Engineering students created the Drone Robotics Club where we build, program, and test drones to complete missions as part of the NXP HoverGames competition.

Mechatronics Course

Obstacle-Avoiding Robot


Servo and DC Motor Control Board

As part of my 3rd year mechatronics course, I used Arduinos to control lights, LED displays, ultrasonic sensors, servos, and DC motors. For my final project, I created a robot with ultrasonic and infrared sensors to avoid both stationary and moving objects.

Weather Balloon Project

In my 1st year engineering design course, we created weather balloon payloads with Raspberry Pi's onboard to take pictures and record weather data from the lower atmosphere. Our weather balloon had a marshmallow positioned in front of the camera to observe the effects of the changing temperatures and pressures.